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Home Energy Rating
Providing a full assessment of your home's energy efficiency.

Energy Conservation -
By using Infrared Thermal Imaging to identify areas in a home that are the sources of heat loss, we can develop a strategy to keep the energy you pay for, inside your home and help you save money!

Insulation Assessment -
With Infrared, we can quickly, easily and non-destructively determine whether there is insulation present in the walls and the condition.

Heat Loss Analysis -
By conducting an Infrared Inspection of an attic or hot roof, "thermal by-passes" are located and can be identified for correction to stop the heat loss.
Locating Air Infiltration Points - Along with a "Blower Door" the sources of air infiltration and drafts can be pinpointed. Where cold air comes in, and heat escapes; costing you money! The IR camera helps us identify those locations in association with the blower door.

Heating System Losses -
Heat can be lost in duct systems. IR imaging helps locate "leaking" ducts for correction and increased comfort.

Check for the Presence of Moisture and Conditions Leading to Biological Growth -
Where there is moisture, there is "evaporative cooling". With the use of the IR camera, we can identify areas of moisture and potential breeding grounds for biological growth. Thermography is the leading tool in diagnosing water damage.

Fire and Water Damage Remediation -
"Map" the Extent of Water Damage in Walls, Ceilings and Floors
The IR camera can be used to locate the limits of moisture damage and thereby limit the extent of deconstruction of your home, and the cost of remediation. At ATI we work with fire and water damage remediation and insurance companies to ensure the proper work scope and thoroughness of remediation.

Roof Inspections -
ATI will conduct an Infrared/Thermal Image scan of your flat roof to determine if there are leaks in the roof system and clearly define the extent of water damage so effective remediation can be undertaken.

Electrical Panel Inspections -
If circuit breakers are malfunctioning or are overloaded, the temperature will be elevated. The Infrared camera will detect this so preventive measures can be taken (replace components, etc.). By working with you and a licensed electrician we can do a scan of an electrical panel box and help avert a potential disaster!

Quality Assurance -
At ATI, we can use the a IR camera as a "Quality Assurance" tool in our applications. Our staff is trained and certified by the ITC, this allows us to provide you with the highest level of confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the work performed so you can rest easy in the comfort of your safe and energy efficient home and business.

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